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Darjeeling Ropeway

Darjeeling Ropeway

Travel over the clouds to witness the aerial view of the lush green tea gardens below. Darjeeling Ropeways lets you see and enjoy the beauty of nature while travelling over the clouds giving you slight chill.

One of Asia's greatest Traveler Ropeways and India's earliest and first Traveler Ropeway is the "Darjeeling Rangit Place Traveler Wire Car" generally known as the 'Darjeeling ropeway' - situated at 27 ° 3'40"N 88 °15'15"E at an elevation of 7000 legs above sea stage. Darjeeling Ropeway or cable car station is located at Singamari which is 3km away from the Chowk Bazaar (the main market center of Darjeeling at the lower level). You will get cabs or shared jeeps from Chowk Bazaar that takes about 15 minutes to reach unless there is a traffic jam in the market area which is often the case.

Ropeway is the perfect way to see the valley of Darjeeling from the bird’s eye view. And it can quite adventurous. Darjeeling Ropeway is also called as the Rangeet Valley Cable Car because of the spectacular view of the valley around the river Little Rangeet. This ropeway, which is 5 kilometers long, connects Darjeeling with Singla Bazaar on the Rangeet River at the bottom of the valley. Breathtaking view of the valley below, see the spread of lush green tea gardens on the hill slopes, flowing rivers, forests, waterfalls and to top it all the magnificent view of the Eastern Himalayan range including the snow capped peaks of the Kanchenjunga. Panoramic view of tea gardens makes you feel like a flying bird when you take this gondola ride. Time taken is almost 30mins downhill and 45mins uphill. Fare Rs. 150 per head. You can enjoy a cup of refreshing Darjeeling tea at the tea garden downhill.

What could be a better way to relish the view of sunset and sunrise than boarding this car that takes you to great heights? It is one of the most exciting adventures, experienced by visitors. In fact, tourists from all parts of the globe come to Darjeeling to enjoy the wonderful ride so make sure to spare a day for an exciting ride in the Darjeeling Ropeway.

Best season for riding the Ropeway

Summer and Autumn


Place Height Fare Duration
Tukvar, Singamari 7,000 ft to 800 ft 150 per head Almost 30 mins

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